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It’s Emergency in Pakistan. I hate this kind of Situation. I hate emergency and I hate Musharraf that implement State Of Emergency in my Country.


On 3rd November When Emergency Was Imposed on Pakistan by the Fucking General Pervaiz Musharraf (Taya G – Name in Punjagi @ Aag TV) I was shocked to hear this that all news TV channels were blocked. I said that what the hell this is. Is it a joke?But No, that was not a joke. He (Musharraf) did this to save himself to remain in power. I was just think in my mind that Pakistani People are senseless they don’t want to protest any way for anything. But Suddenly I relies that I am a Pakistani My Self and how I can say that Pakistanis are sensless.

So think about it that saying Pakistani people are senseless, their minds can’t think about their country is totally wrong because you can take a stand. You can go and protest. You can take a chart on which you can write “Go Musharraf Go” or “We Want Freedom”. And you will see that on the road you will be joined by many other students, Lawyer, Press and many more. This is what we need to do.

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