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What Is Life?Sometimes I keep on trying to understand life. Some says life is a bitter pill to take. Some says it’s as easy as ABC. Different people have different point of views about Life. I too have some but here I am not talking about my personal views.

“Raat Hoti hai , Phir Din Hota Hai , Khana Peena, Aish Kerna Aur Phir wohi Sab…” that was said by a person that I don’t know very well but the point is that life have different faces for different people.

Some people say that life become hell when you neglect its purpose. Yes, I think it’s true. As if you don’t know your life’s purpose then what you expect that where your life with leads you. So I concluded that understanding life is not important but understanding the purpose of your life or setting a goal of your life is more important than anything.

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