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I was wondering that Big Giants either they are big cause of their money, name or Organization never bother to help the people specially in a county which is labeled as a threat to the whole world but today I was surfing through the web I found a Light out there. I found that Jack Dorsey the CEO of sent a SMS “SWAT to 20222” and donated $5 [ link ] to the People of Pakistan who left their homes during the Operation Rah-e-Raast.

It was quite amazing especially for me at least. I never heard any Big Internet Giant that has helped a single person in my country Pakistan.

It was first as I know. Well I just want to say thanks Jack for this donation for our people that are suffering through pain not only to make peace in Pakistan but for the whole world. We appreciate your and others effort, it doesn’t matter how small it is.

Pakistan is not fighting for its homeland security, it is fighting for the complete world so We need full support either its a moral or financial support. Pakistan Zindabad.

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