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Now a days I am searching for some simple, unique & innovative Ideas. I got an Idea and have implemented it and now I am in a process of examining the results of that idea. I am looking at the the initial results and found that the idea I have implemented have much greater output.

In this world Idea is the main thing. Everything is possible to implement if you have plans to do so. Now I know that most of you been thinking that I am talking about what? Well its totally related to my field the “WWW”.

What was the Idea?

I saw many websites about SMS forwards/Messages. I do have three of them as well. Everyone loves to get the latest Short Messages on their Moniters and Laptops but where the real pain starts was How to have this message in their cell phone or how to send it to any of their friend. So my idea was that when a user likes a Message he should be able to send it directly to his/her mobile by just clicking 2 buttons.

Implementations & Output

I started my work and found the way to make it possible. I tested it and it was a success. Open it for general public and the response was rapid. People started to send the Free SMS forwards like MAD. first I put a limit of 50 SMS per day per person but the SMS traffic was at giant so I was force to move the Limit to more lower at 10 SMS /person / day.

Future Plans for this Idea

The Idea was a Hit but it still needs improvement. Like 24/7 availability and the site abuse protection. Member Login System which will verify the sender with the help of VCN (Verified Caller Number) system.

You can check the demo of it at site

So Need your review of my Idea and any tips or suggestion. It can help me to make this idea more useful.


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  1. turnfun says:

    may be something is missing :D

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