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As a Pakistani I do have self-respect and the blame game increase my anger against India.

I think Indian Media is evil. They first said that the terrorists reach Mumbai from Karachi in Boats. Indian Navy denied this. But now they are saying that the terrorists capture some Indian boats and kill the coast guards. How funny these things are?

According to me there is some internal snakes in the Indian Politics that want to take down the GOV before the elections so that they can again* come into power. Some Political Parties always try to help the Hindu Extremist Groups and this time it’s the same case.


Why Indian Media is ignoring the Samjotha Express issue when ATS chief Karkare was to reach the tunnel end of Investigation but he got shot at his back while taking part in the Mumbai Operations.


Why Karkare & Salaskaar at the same time? Salaskaar was also involved in the investigation and had a really clear eye on all the actors involved in it.


Where was Indian Naval Force? Sleeping or gone for lunch when the terrorist enters the indian areas.


Why don’t you (Indians) do investigate the whole issue first. If you still have proper and solid evidence then pass it to us. We will take care of any responsible groups or individuals.


But if you want to yell and want a fight then it’s Ok. We are ready even ever ready. And yeah Our Nukes Don’t Fit in Showcases.

Also I have read some blogs and comments on the same issue and found some most disgusting comments I ever got to know the Thinking Of Indian People against Pakistan Specially Hindus and I am saying this after it that “If you have guts then move your troops to your border. Yes move them and then see the Mushrooms glowing.”

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