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I remember the days when all my family sit and watch dramas and performances by this great actor. I remember when i was 12 years old and Moin Akhtar came to Faisalabad to perform for an annual show at Chenab Club and i missed that opertunity to see him live cause  I got an exam in the morning. I regret that I should have gone there and see the legend standing in front of me performing live. Few days later My Father bring the video cessete to watch his Chenab Club performance. I saw that one of a class mate was there and Moin akhtar bring her on the stage and started joking and making every one laugh. That time i was just like that Why i just missed that.

That question was always remains in my mind. I never came out of it. I ask my class mate days latter about this and she replied that yes It was one of her life moments. She was lucky really and i was not.

Moin Akhtar never visited Faisalabad again and I never got the chance to see him the way my class mate do.

I remember Manzoor Danewala, Rosy and 500+ Characters that Moin Akhtar just performed either on stage or Tv.

All I want to say now is Moin Akhtar: I Will Miss You.

Some Really Impressive Words By Moin Akhtar


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