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firerecordspiracyNews in on that fire Records and FIA starts arresting music site owners. We all know that Free Mp3 Downloads are against the law but as a free promotion of their albums and songs no body ever speaks about it.

Fire Records belong to Jang Group (Geo tv). According to my sources they have about 250 sites in their list of Pirated Music Sites. becomes the first accused and might be and would be next.

Fire Records may contact them before taking any action. But as far I know me and other webmasters that might have some content of Label Fire Records never contacted by them.  I think that is totally an unfair stand.

If my data is being uploaded somewhere then I will contact the up loader first and ask the person to remove it. If he will don’t remove the data then I will place a DMCA to the host. If still no action is taken then I might contact the FIA or any other concern dept. But here I don’t think so that Fire records have completed any of the steps. According to me it’s a direct assault.

Whatever I do have some albums that were being on my site and those were copyrighted for Fire Records. I did a removal of such albums and songs and placed a notice to buy original CD’s. Say no to Piracy.  That’s max what I can do for them. I have added the news bite from jang news.


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