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I am very much fan of Iqbal Ka Shaheen and Fiqr-e-Iqbal and really feel the spirit (sometime) in myself  whenever I use to read some of the motivational poetry by Iqbal. Sometime I think that even Pakistan was blessed by the most motivational poets like Iqbal, Faiz & Jalib but still most of our Nation don’t have the flight of an eagle and the spirit of a true Mommin (I myself included too). We are are missing that Iqbal’s Spark! Don’t we?

There is a lot of reasons behind it and those reasons are really factual. The current situation of Pakistan is not just cause of the Government or its  mismanagement. Problem resides in us and We (the people of Pakistan) are the culprits.

In a debate with one of my friend who gives me an argument that Politicians are the real culprits for our bad condition, He added that politics is dirty and one should staty away from it. I totally disagree to him cause I think that Politicians are the part of our nation and society. The society plays an important role in the grooming of a person.

The Politians are the part of our system. Moreover I remember the Dialogue of the movie “Nayak” by Parshrawal:

Politics Aik Gatar Hai, Yeh Har Koi Kehta Rehta Hai, But Koi Bhi Is Gatar Mein Utar Kar Issay Saaf Nahi Kerna Chahta”

Translation:Politics is sewerage hole and everyone use to say this, but No One dare to go down and clean it

So My point is that theproblem resides in our own self and We are corrupt, lier, thieves, moral-less,  greedy and thousands of negative points just make us a big looser and We keep saying that Politics sucks.

When I started writing this post i was just sharing a poetry with you but my heart says to me Not to stop until you say what you have in your heart. The Poetry that I was going to share was “Iqbal tere des ka kya haal sunaun”. This poetry says all that I wrote above.

Iqbal Tere Des Ka Kya Haal Sunaun Video


Complete Poetry “Iqbal Tere Des Ka Kya Haal Sunaun”

Iqbal teray days ka kya haal sunaon

dehqaan to mer khap gaya, ub kis ko jagaon
milta hai kahaan khosha-e-gandum kay jalaaon
shaheen ka hai gumbad-e-shahi pay basera
kunjishk far-o-maya ko ub kis say laraaon

Iqbal teray days ka kya haal sunaon

ub banta hai in chaar anaasir say musalman
qari isay kehna to bari baat hai yaro
is nay to kabhi khole kay dekha nahi Quran

bay baaki-o-haq goi say ghabrata hai momin
makkari-o-robahi pay itrata hai momin
jis rizq say parwaz mein kotahi ka der ho
wo rizq baray shauq say khata hai momin

shaheen ka jahaan, aaj mamolay ka jahaan hai
milti hui mulla say mujahid key azaan hai
maana kay sitaron say bhi aagay hain jahaan aur
shaheen mein magar taqat-e-parwaz kahaan hai

kirdaar ka, guftaar ka, aamal ka momin
qayel nahi esay kisi janjaal ka momin
sarhad ka hai momin, koi bangaal ka momin
dhoonday say bhi milta nahi Quran ka momin

her daardhi mein tinka hai, her aankh mein shehteer
momin key nigahon say ub badalti nahi taqdeer
tawheed key talwaron say khali hain neyamein
ub zauq-e-yaqeen say nahi kat-tee koi zanjeer

dekho to zara mehlon kay pardon ko utha ker
shamsheer-o-sinaan rakhi hain taaqon mein saja ker
aatay hain nazar masnad-e-shahi pay rangeelay
taqdeer-e-umam so gei, taaous pay aa ker

mer mer key silon say koi bay zaar nahi hai
rehnay ko haram mein koi teiyar nahi hai
kehnay ko her shakhs musalman hai lekin
dekho to kahin naam ko kirdar nahi hai

Mehmudon key saff, aaj Ayazon say paray hai
jamhur say sultani-e-jamhur waray hai
thaamay huay daaman hai, yahan per jo khudi ka
mer mer kay jiye hai, kabhi jee jee kay meray hai

payda kabhi hoti thee seher, jis key azaan say
us banda-e-momin ko main ub laaon kahaan say
wo sajda, zameen jis say laraz jaati thee yaro
ek bar hum chhut gaye, is baar-e-garaan say

Kindly say something about my views on this. If you think that i am wrong then there is a comment box at the end and you can post your views on it.

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