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Back in 2002, I was just 17 and I don’t have any National Identity Card to cast my vote. But this time in 2008 I have the power to express my thoughts with the power of my vote. 18 Feb 2008 I did cast my first vote of my life at almost 3:00 Pm. The Moment when I was casting my vote and putting a stamp on my Favorite symbols was so glad full. I was smiling and was excited. I put the stamp on the symbol and fold the Ballot Paper and put it in the Ballot Box. Ballot Boxes were transparent. The Whole Voting Procedure was good but it still needs more improvements.

First when I entered the polling center there was two police men sitting on the chairs. I just remember their faces and I was thinking that only two policemen here. Well I move forward and walk through the group of polling agents of different polling agents. One of them live in my area and I also know him by face. He meets me and asks my vote number. I tell him all the details. He asks all other agents to cut my name from the voters list. He asks me to go to the polling room. I Move Forward and reach the presiding officers. One of the officer ask My National Identity Card and the ticket on which my name, vote number and family number was written. I gave him all the stuff in my hand. He then move it to second officer who search for my name and then he prepare the National Assembly ballot paper the green one for me. The third officer prepares the Province Assembly ballot paper the white one for me. He asked me to put the thumb impression on both the ballot papers. After that I move to the stamp side and put the stamps on both the ballot papers and after folding them I put them in the ballot boxes which were placed in front of the presiding officers.

The whole process increases my excitement and happiness. After casting my vote I did visit some more voting centers just to see that what’s happening. I was happy that the elections were peaceful and rigging free.

The results start coming and I was happy to see that PML-N who talks about the free Judiciary and Media was winning allots of seats. By the way I my self voted for PML-N.

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