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Archive for the ‘Mobile Phones’ Category

Everyone knows that exactly what made Apple Iphone 4S a huge sucesses is the brand-new voice assistant application named Siri. Siri has simply dominated every other feature in any other smart phone available but the most fascinating feature  of this new iphone app is that it also responses all of the weird questions and humorous  [ Read More ]

GoldVish is an expert in manufacturing, customizing and personalizing mobile handsets, and has made some of the most beautiful and luxurious engravings and diamond settings. Now, their precious jewel arrives in Russia and it is no other than the world’s most expensive phone called GoldVish Le Million. Exposing the highest level of Swiss craftsmanship and  [ Read More ]

Well last day i got my new Nokia n95 8Gb Version. Its soooo coool. I love it. Nokia have created a techno Master Mobile. I have never seen such a high tech cell phone in my life. Its Everything. yes everything. Some one says that don’t use your Nokia n95 with your Laptop as they  [ Read More ]