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Archive for the ‘Gadgets’ Category

Everyone knows that exactly what made Apple Iphone 4S a huge sucesses is the brand-new voice assistant application named Siri. Siri has simply dominated every other feature in any other smart phone available but the most fascinating feature ¬†of this new iphone app is that it also responses all of the weird questions and humorous  [ Read More ]

Though it was still the hottest selling digital SLR on the market, the Canon Digital Rebel XT was due for an upgrade, and right on the expected 18 month schedule comes the EOS Digital Rebel XTi (called the EOS 400D overseas). The new Rebel XTi has a 10.1 megapixel sensor, a 2.5 inch LCD screen,  [ Read More ]

Robotomania continues. This time it is the worlds smallest fully articulated humanoid robot. If you are still looking for the best gift for your kids, get the new I – Sobot, a gadget that represents the big brother of the omnibot from the 80′s.Its personality is based on four operational modes. The movements of the  [ Read More ]

Fashion always keeps at least one eye on the future. Now scientists are lending a hand, developing tomorrow’s super-powered clothing such as garments that can recharge your MP3 player and exoskeletons that enhance strength. For instance, electronics could get recharged in the future simply by plugging them into your outerwear, because Australian researchers are designing  [ Read More ]