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A dentist found the source of the toothache Patrick Lawler
was complaining about on the roof of his mouth: a four-inch
(10-centimeter) nail the construction worker had unknowingly
embedded in his skull six days earlier.

Doctors in Pakistan removed a whole lightbulb from a prisoner’s
anus June 28. The man said he awoke with the problem, but
doctors weren’t sure.


This X-ray shows a boy who swallowed magnetic pieces of a block
one at a time. When they hit his stomach, they reconnected.

Elsie, a 6-month-old Saint Bernard, swallowed a 13-inch serrated
knife in September 2005. After an operation, the pup had an
8-inch scar but was otherwise fine


A film shows PVC plumbing pipes inserted in the bones of a deceased
person as part of an alleged body parts ring.


An alien face seems to appear in the X-ray of a duck, which died
in May from injuries it had when found.

A nail gun shot six nails into construction worker Isidro Mejia’s
head during an April 2004 accident. He not only survived but was
expected at the time to recover fully.


A An 6-inch pair of surgical scissors appears in the abdomen
of Australian Pat Skinner in April 2004 — 18 months after
her initial operation.


X-rays from Central Prison in Raleigh, N.C., show items such as
bed springs and batteries that prisoners swallowed to gain trips
to outside hospitals.


Python Gulps Down Queen-Size Electric Blanket. It took surgery to save
a 12-foot Burmese python after it swallowed an entire queen-size
electric blanket – with the electrical cord and control box.
Veterinarians Karsten Fostvedt, above, and Barry Rathfon performed
the two-hour operation.

A safety pin

A row of button batteries

A car key

A fork


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