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Bio: A blogger, Webmaster, poet, writer, freelance journalist, businessman, Internet Entrepreneur, adventure lover and a proud pakistani.

Athar Rasool is working in the IT & Web Related field from last 11 years. Started designing websites as a hobby and adopted it as a profession after the completion of his graduation.

He worked in Star Web Worx in 2001 and worked as a IT consultant. That time he worked on a Urdu Web Project. His project was a great success as there were very few Websites that are working for the urdu language audiences. He worked in Star Web Worx for about five years till Dec 2005.

Moving on in 2002 he build a Pakistani Web Portal and start running it with great success. Athar carried his study side by side with his IT & Web Development Hobby. His Web portal gain success and fame and he worked harder and harder on it.

In late 2005 he left Star Web Work to concentrate on his Studies. By the end of august 2007 he started his own company Digital Solutions INC and adopted IT & Web as his profession officially.

He hired content writers and web developers for his company and started working on many projects. By time the company grows and number of projects increases.

Athar has worked on more than a 100 website projects including the clients and for their own network. At present (April 2011) the Web traffic of these projects are more then 2.4 Million Users per month.

He always get praised for his designing skills.He have designed many Superb Web Templates, Logos and themes. His designing skills not only reflect in the web but he have also done tremendous work designing Cars for modification purpose so he is much creative.

Writen By T.Kibria (With Thanks)