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Everyone knows that exactly what made Apple Iphone 4S a huge sucesses is the brand-new voice assistant application named Siri. Siri has simply dominated every other feature in any other smart phone available but the most fascinating feature  of this new iphone app is that it also responses all of the weird questions and humorous  [ Read More ]

I remember the days when all my family sit and watch dramas and performances by this great actor. I remember when i was 12 years old and Moin Akhtar came to Faisalabad to perform for an annual show at Chenab Club and i missed that opertunity to see him live cause  I got an exam  [ Read More ]

I am very much fan of Iqbal Ka Shaheen and Fiqr-e-Iqbal and really feel the spirit (sometime) in myself  whenever I use to read some of the motivational poetry by Iqbal. Sometime I think that even Pakistan was blessed by the most motivational poets like Iqbal, Faiz & Jalib but still most of our Nation  [ Read More ]

Now a days I am searching for some simple, unique & innovative Ideas. I got an Idea and have implemented it and now I am in a process of examining the results of that idea. I am looking at the the initial results and found that the idea I have implemented have much greater output.  [ Read More ]

News in on that fire Records and FIA starts arresting music site owners. We all know that Free Mp3 Downloads are against the law but as a free promotion of their albums and songs no body ever speaks about it. Fire Records belong to Jang Group (Geo tv). According to my sources they have about  [ Read More ]

I was wondering that Big Giants either they are big cause of their money, name or Organization never bother to help the people specially in a county which is labeled as a threat to the whole world but today I was surfing through the web I found a Light out there. I found that Jack Dorsey the CEO of sent a SMS “SWAT to 20222” and donated $5

Amivi Gama’s violent rise to power in East Timor has proved that women are just as capable as men when it comes to brutality and oppression.

Watch This video in which some information about Amivi Gama. What a dangerous women she is.

It appears some sort of bug has snuck into the Google secret sauce. A feature that was intended to warn users of potential phishing sites has jumped the shark declaring the internet harmful. That’s right, every single result is deemed by Google to be harmful.

This is surely a bug and will be fixed but these guys really should be running some QA testing before rolling new releases.

I think Indian Media is evil. They first said that they reach Mumbai from Karachi from Boats. Indian Navy denied this. But now they are saying that they capture some Indian boats and kill the coast guards. How funny these things are?

Why Indian Media is ignoring the Samjotha Express issue when ATS chief Karkare was to reach the tunnel end of Investigation but got shot at his back while taking part in the Mumbai Operations

Yes Most of us don’t know that which social site is stronger as respect to user response and traffic.I did a research and found interesting. That I want to share with you people…

As respect to the Web Traffic here is the Positions / Ranks of these social networking sites are…